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Leading custom manufacturing of small objets
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Pins and emblems


Microfiber cleaning cloths and small bags


servicio - asesoramiento

We advise

We advise on defining the most suitable finishes according to the desired perception of quality.


We control

We control the manufacturing, packaging and shipment processes to ensure we meet defined quality standards…

servicio - ayuda

We help

We help our clients choose the most suitable product, with a task-defined briefing.


We interpret

We interpret the designs to ensure the appropriate viability of the chosen product. Not every…

servicio - fabricacion

We manufacture

We manufacture our articles according to European Union quality standards, in line with health and…

servicio - distribucion

We offer

We offer various solutions for transport and distribution, whenever required by the client’s project, according…


We propose

We propose packaging alternatives to ensure that the product is preserved correctly and well presented,…


Agile and agreeable

We provide an agile and agreeable form of dialogue, focused on enhancing effective, amicable communication…

Details of interest


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Order processing

Once we receive the order which, to avoid errors, we request be a well detailed order document, we send a graphical model and a features summary. Once these are approved, we can go ahead with manufacturing. We recommend manufacturing a prior sample, by reserving the necessary time period for this.

Order delivery

Carriage paid shipments for Spain. Consult us prices for other destinations.

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